And Esau hated his brother with a passion and said, “My father is about to die, so after everyone has mourned him I’m going to kill my brother!”

And word of this got back to Rebekah, who sent for Jacob and warned him saying, “Listen my son, your brother Esau is planning to kill you after your father dies, so you must flee to my brother Laban’s house for a while, until your brother chills out and forgets about all his anger towards you. I don’t want to lose both you and your father so please go and I’ll send for you when its safe again”.

And Yitshak heard that his son Jacob was leaving and asked Rebekah about it, who said, “Yes Isaac, I’m sending Jacob away, because I’m totally disgusted by how these local Hittite women behave with their idols of wood and stone. Those daughters of Kath are like filthy whores and I’d rather die than watch my son Jacob follow in his brother’s footsteps and marry a woman like that. I’m sending him away to my brother’s house so that he may find a wife among our relatives and he will be safe from Esau’s wrath for now”.

So after seeing that YAHUAH had indeed had His way in the situation by giving Jacob the blessing, he called Jacob to him before he left and said,

“Under no circumstances are you to do what your brother Esau has done and marry a woman from the local Canaanites but go to Paddan-Aram, to your mother’s family in Haran and find a wife for yourself among the daughters of your Uncle Laban. And may Yahuah Al Shaddai bless you and make you prosperous upon the earth and turn you into a great assembly of people. And may He pass the promised blessings of Abraham our father down to you my son so that you inherit this promised land of your wanderings which was given to my father Abraham before us”.

And Isaac and Rebekah kissed him and sent Jacob away to stay with his Uncle Laban, and after Esau heard about all this (that Jacob was told not to marry a Canaanite woman under any circumstances) ....

.... he realised that his rebellious lifestyle and marriages had brought much grief on his parents. And since his brother had acted in obedience by going to his relatives to find a wife, Esau decided to ‘play the family card’ also, and go visit his Uncle Ishmael and marry his daughter Makalath (aquiring yet another wife).

And Jacob travelled out from Beersheba and headed towards Haran, stopping for the night near Bethal at the place where Abraham had first set up the stone-table in celebration of YAHUAH for the first time many years before. And Jacob took one of the stones from the ground and put it under his head as a pillow and fell right off to sleep, dreaming about a great ladder (PORTAL) that stood on the earth which reached right up into the sky (CONNECTING THE DIMENSIONS). And he saw the messengers of YAHUAH flying up and down on the ladder and at the very top, YAHUAH Himself stood there saying, “I Am Yahuah, the Alahim (mighty one) of your fathers Abraham and Isaac and the ground which you are laying on will be yours and your descendants, for they shall be as numerous as the dust of the earth, shooting forth to the north, south, east and west and all the clans of the earth will be blessed from your family. Never forget that I'm with you always and I will guard and protect you wherever you go. I will never leave you and will do what I have promised, raising up with you My Blood-Covenant of Deliverance”.

And when Jacob woke up from his sleep, he was refreshed and excited, saying, “Surely Yahuah my Alahim is in this place and I never even knew it. It may as well be called the ‘House of Alahim’ for it appears to be the gateway (PORTAL DOORWAY) to connect with the Creator”.

And Jacob took the stone that had been under his head, stood it up as a standing memorial and poured oil over the top of it, annointing it’s head.

And even though the place had previously been called Luz, Jacob was the first to rename it Bethal (House of Alahim), because the Creator Yahuah had chosen to visit him and re-establish the promises of the Blood-Covenant with him just as he had Abraham before him in the same place.

And Jacob said to YAHUAH, “Since I am fleeing my homeland at the moment, if You will please keep me safe on this path I’m on and protect me, feeding me bread and keeping me clothed, then when I return home to my Father Isaac’s house I will make this memorial stone here the House of Yahuah and from everything you bless me I will give back a tenth to you”.