The earth soon became a barren wasteland with no crops, due to the ground being cursed with thorns and thistles (the punishment for Adam’s disobedience). Seth’s son Anush spent his life teaching and upholding the instructions that had been passed down to him from his grandfather Adam, but the rest of humanity was becoming more and more depraved by the second. They made objects of brass, iron, wood and stone and they bowed down and worshipped them! Each person had their own personal deity and after the men saw that their wives were growing older and that having children was taking a huge toll on their bodies, they (under the influence of Satan’s spirits) concocted a serum that would stop their women from falling pregnant, because they wanted their wives to stay young, slender and attractive. This procedure disobeyed YAHUAH’S direct instruction to be fruitful and keep on populating the earth. The wives who were still able to have children were looked upon as hideous ugly creatures by their husbands, who were sleeping with the hot sexy women who had taken the wicked serum to stop falling pregnant. This disobedience rose up into the nostrils of YAHUAH and He despised their idolatry and perversion. So He caused the Gihon River to rise up and wipe them all out. But this of course didn’t stop the wickedness from spreading as the generations continued.


Five generations passed down the wicked line of Cain and Lemek (Cain’s great great great grandson) was old and almost blind. He and his son Tubal-Cain were out in the fields one day and his son was leading him. Cain (Adam’s son) approached them from a distance and the men thought it was wild game and didn’t recognise him from so far away. Tubal-Cain helped his father load an arrow onto his bow and Lemek fired it straight at Cain, killing him.

And YAHUAH saw that justice had finally been served to Cain for murdering his own brother Abel many years before.

When Lemek and his son Tubal-Cain went to see what they had shot with the arrow and saw that it was Cain, Lemek cried out and wept, screaming at his son, “THIS IS NO ANIMAL YOU STUPID FOOL! WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME IT WAS A MAN?” And in his shock-horror he slammed both his hands together around Tubal-Cain’s head, killing him instantly. After hearing about this, both of Lemek’s wives hated him, separated themselves from his home and wanted to kill him.

However after some time passed Lemek approached both of them saying, “Please my wives, hear me out. You’ve accused me of murdering our grandfather Cain and our son Tubal-Cain in cold blood without cause but I’m an old, white haired man and can hardly see! I’m so very sorry for what happened but it truly was an accident, I never meant to kill them! If our grandfather Cain is avenged sevenfold, then let seventy-seven-fold come onto me for my evil!”

And after seeking council from Adam (who was still alive) the women returned to their husband Lemek but had no more children with him for they knew (from Canaan) that YAHUAH’S anger was brooding against mankind because of it’s relentless wickedness. Adam’s great-grandson Canaan, who’d been given wisdom from YAHUAH about a great many things, had written on tablets of stone about a great horrific judgement that was coming soon to destroy all mankind - a worldwide flood!


One day YAHUAH told him to leave his secret place where he was hiding from society, and go back to the nations, and teach them the way in which they should live. And he did so, and word began to spread throughout all the land, “Anyone who wants to know the ways of the Creator Yahuah and behave in a way that pleases Him, go and see Enoch”.

And all the people began gathering before him to hear what he had to say, for the spirit of YAHUAH was upon him.

Canaan’s great-grandson was Enoch, who walked with YAHUAH and whose ‘very being’ was wrapped up in His Instructions and he despised the evil ways of mankind. When Enoch was 65 years old, he had a son who he named Methuselah and after that he hid himself away in secret for many years, from the eyes of mankind and their increasing wickedness.

And all the kings of mankind, together with their Princes and Judges, came to Enoch, and when they heard his wisdom, they bowed down to him, and insisted that he reign over them. So he did! 130 Kings and Princes, made Enoch their ruler, putting their kingdoms under his power and command. And Enoch taught them wisdom, knowledge, and the ways of YAHUAH for 243 years and he brought peace among them and throughout all the earth for the duration of his life.

And when Lemek was 56 years old, Adam (the first man on earth) died at the age of 930 and his family buried him in the cave which YAHUAH had told him. It was a lavish affair and a ceremony fit for a king with great weeping and mourning, (as is the custom today). Adam died (he and all his children after him) because he ate of the tree of the understanding of good and evil in disobedience to YAHUAH.

And it was in the year of Adam’s death that Enoch decided to leave the company of mankind once more and live In secret to serve YAHUAH, but he only hid himself for 6 days at a time and then appeared to his people for 1 day each week. And a great wave of fear spread across the nation about Enoch, for the people, Princes and Kings desperately wanted to know what YAHUAH had spoken to him about, but they couldn’t look at him because after being in the presence of the Creator, the power and esteem of YAHUAH was literally shining from him and the people thought if they approached him they might die. And while Enoch was teaching them the ways of clean behaviour, YAHUAH told Enoch that He intended to take him from the earth (into His dimension) and allow him to assist in governing His Kingdom there as he had done so on earth.

So Enoch assembled all the people one last time, saying, “I’ve been called to ascend into Yahuah’s dimension, and I don’t know when I’m leaving. So I’ll teach you wisdom and knowledge and give you all Yahuah’s Instruction on how to behave on this earth so you can live peacefully”.

And he taught them, rebuked them, gave them laws and statutes and while Enoch was still speaking to them, they lifted up their eyes and the likeness of a great horse descended from the sky and began pacing in the air. So Enoch charged them one last time to be obedient to YAHUAH’S divine Instructions, and to continue living in cleanliness and peace.

Then Enoch climbed up onto the horse and began riding away and 800,000 people who saw this began following him and many journeyed with him 6 days and it was on the 7th Day that Enoch ascended into the sky in a giant whirlwind, with horses and chariots of fire. And on the 8th day all the Kings went to the place where he had disappeared and they could not find Enoch, for YAHUAH had taken him!

The translation has altered slightly since this (1st EDITION) recording, but still easy-to-grasp :-)