During the night Jacob took his two wives, servant-wives, and his eleven sons and crossed the JabboK River with them and after getting them all safely to the other side he sent over all his possessions.

Then Jacob was left all alone in the camp, and YAHUAH appeared to him as a man (who Jacob didn’t recognise in the dark) THIS MAN WAS YAHUSHA (YAHUAH IN THE FLESH) and He wrestled with him all night! But when YAHUAH saw that Jacob wouldn’t let Him win the match, He touched Jacob on the hip, wrenching it out of its socket.

Then YAHUAH said, “Come on, that’s enough now, let Me go, the sun’s about to rise!”

But Jacob said, “Forget it. You’re staying right here until You bless me!”

And YAHUAH said “What’s your name?”

“Jacob” he replied.

“Not anymore it’s not! From now on you will be called ‘Yisharal’ because you have wrestled with Me and with men and you have overcome.”

“And what’s your name?” Jacob said.

“Why do you need to know My name?” YAHUAH asked, before speaking words of blessing over him.

Then Jacob named the place ‘Penual’ (“Face of Yahuah”) for he said, “I have definitely seen Yahuah face to face, and yet my life has been spared.” And when the sun was rising Jacob left Penual and he was limping because of the injury to his hip.