Shem, Ham and Japheth were Noah’s sons and the whole earth (all the racial colors) were populated from those three men. So after leaving the Ark, with the trauma of death and destruction behind him, Noah got straight to work, farming the soil and planting vineyards. One night he drank alot of wine from his vineyard and went to his wife's tent to have `special time' (and continue repopulating the earth as instructed). Noah removed his robe to lay with his wife but passed out from all the wine. Then Ham entered the tent and “saw his father’s nakedness,” (actually had sex with his father’s wife) then quickly ran off to brag to his brothers, saying that he'd just usurped his father's authority as head of the family (and future generations and land), holding up Noah's robe as proof of his evil take-over, achieved by robbing his father of his most treasured possession (HIS WIFE).


But Shem and Japheth were loyal to their parents and horrified and, acting swiftly, they grabbed the robe from Ham, putting it over their shoulders and, walking backwards, they went and lowered it over their humiliated, passed-out father, restoring to him a measure of the dignity, damaged by Ham’s attempted power-play. (THEY KNEW THAT LOOKING AT NAKEDNESS AND SEX WAS UNCLEAN BEHAVIOUR! AS WELL AS THE UNTHINAKBLE CRIME OF HAVING SEX WITH THEIR OWN MOTHER, (`UNCOVERING THEIR FATHER'S NAKEDNESS' (HIS WIFE) AND DEFILING HIS MARRIAGE BED !)

When Noah awoke from his sleep he found out what had happened and what Ham had done and said “Ham! Your son (THE PRODUCT OF HAM’S ILLICIT UNION WITH NOAH'S OWN WIFE) ... he now has a curse on him and will be the servant (slave) to all his brothers. And I'm blessing my son Shem as the firstborn in the Name of Yahuah, and let my son Japheth be strengthened with him, for those boys are loyal to me. But you Ham, your son Canaan will be their servant (slave)”. 


And Noah lived another 350 years after the worldwide flood, and he taught his family the instructions and path of YAHUAH, how to approach and praise Him, and to fight the urges of their flesh against fornication and unclean living, to honor their father and mother, to love one another, “For I fear that after my death mankind will start murdering, spilling each other’s blood and eating the blood of flesh again and Yahuah will be forced to destroy you all from the earth!”

And after some time, Satan and his unclean fallen spirits began pestering Noah’s grandchildren, teaching them all sorts of idolatry and then inflicting them with multiple diseases in an attempt to destroy them. And when news of this came to Noah he fell before YAHUAH, “My father, Who has shown complete mercy and kindness, delivering my family through the waters of the great flood and not allowing us to perish ...

... please take the power of these wicked wretched spirits from my family and heal their wounds so that they may continue to fill and replenish the earth. You already know how depraved these spirits behaved back in my early days, so please imprison them and hold them securely to await your judgment and stop them from pestering and tormenting my family”.

And YAHUAH left a tenth-part of these evil spirits on the earth to serve the enemy Satan and He imprisoned the rest of them in the depths of the earth (NOT A LITERAL PLACE IN THIS DIMENSION) to await His great judgment. And YAHUAH instructed His own Messengers to teach Noah and his family about herbal remedies and medicines in order for them to treat the ailments and diseases that had been placed upon them by Satan and his malignant minions through seduction and deceit. And through this the enemy was stopped from destroying mankind again.

And they celebrated the feast of weeks (Pentecost) every year in the same month (as it had been done since the Creation for nearly 1700 years), and Noah made sure his family remembered the day that they were all delivered through the waters of the global flood at this appointed time, and in doing so, they renewed their Covenant with YAHUAH each year. And Noah’s sons followed his Instructions, observing all of YAHUAH’S Appointed Harvest Festivals each year until Noah’s death at the age of 950. THESE WERE THE SAME APPOINTED TIMES MADE OFFICIAL LAW TO MOSES AT MOUNT SINAI.

But afterwards, most of Noah’s descendants did away with YAHUAH’S instructions and they murdered and ate blood once again, and lived in violence and fornication.


Ever wondered where all the racial colours come from?

SHEM'S SONS would become the Hebrews, the Arabs and most of the Orientals.

HAM’S SONS would primarily become Canaan, the races that later occupied Africa, who have for centuries suffered the fate of subjugation. Now, there is much more to this than just a lack of personal freedom, but the idea is that the descendants of Canaan (actually all of Ham) will be subject to the descendants of Shem and Japheth. And if we look at ALL of Ham’s descendents, they've all represented the enemies of Yisharal at one time or another in history, and so we’ll find Yisharal either conquering or being conquered, by the descendants of Ham. The people of Egypt come from Ham, Sodom & Gomorrah and, interestingly, so do the Philistines. “May Yahuah enlarge Japheth and let him dwell in the tents of Shem, and let Canaan be his servant.” This blessing bestowed upon Japheth was somewhat dependent on his relationship with Shem. The descendants of Japheth would benefit when they were in good relationship with Shem (which is the meaning of ‘shall dwell in the tents of Shem’).  Japheth was the branch of the family which would “enlarge”…..that is, grow greatest in population and wealth.

JAPHETH'S SONS would become the Romans, the Greeks, and most of the European peoples, who are the ancestors of the earliest American Colonists. And, at no time in the history of the world has such wealth and fruitfulness been seen as in what happened first in Rome, then in Europe, and then in America…… and it all has to do with the blessing upon Japheth.  And again, the descendants of Ham were to be subject to Japheth’s offspring just as they would be subject to Shem’s offspring !!

Yahuah says it and it happens every time !

If we follow the accursed line of Ham we will see certain names, that will play a prominent role in the Scripture. Kush is Ethiopia, Mitsrayim is Egypt, Put is Libya, and Canaan is the founder of the Land of Canaan, conquered by Joshua, which became Yisharal. The descendants of Canaan form many of the people of the Middle East and the Orient, some of which are often, mistakenly, called Arabs. However Arabs are of the line of Shem, not Ham.


The translation has altered somewhat since this (1st EDITION) recording, but still easy-to-grasp :-)


THE CURSE ON HAM’S SON CANAAN (Voyeurism or Incest)?

Looking at Hebrew expression, many Scriptures in Leviticus describe a woman’s nakedness as the nakedness of her husband and in Deuteronomy, having sex with your father’s wife is called “uncovering your father’s skirt.” Therefore in the original statement that “Ham saw his father’s nakedness” implies relations with Noah’s wife, presumably Ham’s mother. This is supported by the fact that the imagery of the vineyard and wine is all associated with heterosexual intercourse in the Scripture (Lot and his Daughters, the David-Uriah-Bathsheba affair and the Song of Solomon.)

Noah probably drank and disrobed in an effort to procreate (as instructed by Yahuah after they left the Ark), then Ham intervened and succeeded. Specifically, if Ham’s deed is understood as maternal incest, it becomes possible to explain Canaan’s origin as the fruit of that union. This insight suddenly illuminates two aspects of the text left unanswered by paternal-incest theorists: why Canaan is cursed, and why Ham is repeatedly identified as “the father of Canaan.” Canaan is cursed because his origin was a vile, taboo act on the part of his father. Ham is repeatedly, and apparently unnecessarily identified as “the father of Canaan” because the narrator wishes to signal the reader that this narrative explains how Ham became “the father of Canaan.”

Ham’s disgusting sexual act was an attempt to usurp Noah’s patriarchal authority. There is abundant examples of sleeping with your father’s wives as a means of usurpation. Absalom’s infamous public sex with his father’s concubines, Reuben having sex with Bilhah, David’s aquiring of Saul’s concubines and Adonijah’s attempt to acquire David’s wife Abishah, all show a son attempting to unseat his father through sex with the paternal consorts.

The brothers’ action plays on the broader sense of the phrase “to see nakedness.” Not only do they not “see their father’s nakedness” in the sense of having intercourse with his wife; they also refrain from seeing his literal nakedness, and by covering him with a garment, restore to him a measure of the dignity damaged by Ham’s attempted usurpation.

The objection has also been raised that Noah pronounced the curse on Canaan immediately, before the nine months necessary for him to be born according to the maternal-incest theory. But Moses (the narrator) may have simply compressed the chronology at this point, as he does elsewhere (ie the story starts the Noah is 500 years old!!).

So the voyeurist position, which states that Ham’s deed was nothing more than looking, fails to explain the gravity of Ham’s sin or the cursing of Canaan, however when we understand the paternal incest, it explains (1) the gravity of Ham’s sin, (2) the reason for the cursing of Canaan (the result of the union) rather than Ham himself, (3) Ham’s motivation for committing his offense, (4) the repetition of “Ham, the father of Canaan,” and (5) the sexually charged language of the passage.

Interesting eh :-)