SUMMARY 2: Exodus (Shemoth)


Through the life of Joseph we saw the character traits of Messiah Yahusha Himself, born into the covenant bloodline, stripped of his power, falsely accused, a suffering servant who never complained and was left for dead (to his family) and resurrected to the heights of power to deliver the world. His father Jacob (who'd always struggled and fought for every step of his belief) was devastated and lost, beyond being comforted, until news of his son’s `resurrection’ reignited his spirits again and he became the mighty Yisharal, filled with covenant hope and returning to his pathway of promises.

Joseph’s life indeed foreshadowed our Messiah’s and the origins of the Eternal-Blood-Covenant lay a firm foundation to build Yahusha's perfect Covenant House for His Firstfruit Bride (once lost through disobedience in the Garden). Abraham was Yahusha's friend, Isaac was willing to be sacrificed as the only son of the Blood-Covenant and Jacob wrestled with Yahusha his whole life and in the end, he overcame.

Exodus (meaning `names’) sees a new shift in YAHUSHA’S REDEMPTIVE PLAN.

Just as Yahusha grafted Joseph; a clean, circumcised covenant-son into a pagan sun-worshipping, idolatrous society to live, speak, inter-marry and lead His chosen people INTO Egypt, we will now see Yahusha graft another clean, circumcised covenant-son into this same wicked society to deliver His chosen people and lead them back OUT to the land He promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But as with all of His Bride coming out from an idolatrous system of slavery, they had to be trained and tested and taken into the wilderness, separated and severed from all ties, to have their eyes firmly placed on Yahusha, who will work and reason with her so that her behavior will be that of pure gold, shining, mature . . . perfect!


After the first generation of Jacob's sons had died and life in Egypt had become quite prolific and abundant for Yisharal (under Joseph's regime), there was a `civil war' and the Egyptians overthrew the `shemite' dynasty, abandoning all the friendships and priviledges given to Yisharal, and adopting a seething, racist hatred for them, led by the new Pharaoh himself, who made them all slaves and treated them with horrible cruelty.

Yahusha used this 400 years in Egypt to not only assimilate His hebrew people into the pagan nation of Egypt, so that He could bring them out a mighty, mixed multitude, a lost people without an identity (just like today) . . . but He also did it to increase their numbers. Jacob went into Egypt with 70 people and Yisharal left a whopping 3million, as numerous as the sand on the shore and the stars in the sky (as was promised to Abraham).


Moses was the most humble man ever, born into slavery, adopted by royalty and chosen by Yahusha to be His instrument for great wonders and miracles. There was no greater prophet than Moses, no one who spoke face to face (argued and conversed) with Yahusha and lived to tell. It was in Midian, when Moses had been separated and broken, lost and unaware of his roots and identity, that Yahusha appeared to him through the burning bush, re-introducing Himself and kick-starting His redemptive plan to deliver His Bride and lead her to the land promised to Abraham. The time had come, the nation had grown and all they need now was a leader . . . and Moses wanted no part in it!

Moses had been a mighty prince and even a king in Kush for 40 years, but now he was a shepherd (the lowest occupation according to Egypt), he was lost, no confidence, shy and afraid. He fought Yahusha all the way but in the end he was obedient and went back to Egypt to unleash the most catastrophic plagues, signs and wonders to ever occur on planet earth. Yes! Egypt has still never recovered from the incident that saw a stubborn, hateful Pharaoh lose his people, his family, his power and ultimately his life to the mighty Alahim of Moses and the Hebrews.

It was here in Exodus where we first see Yahusha having a violent, jealous reaction to His people bowing down and serving false deities of stone, wood, gold and silver. . . . a feeling and reaction that quickly escalates through the books that follow as He makes it perfectly clear that HE WILL NOT SHARE HIS ESTEEM OR WORSHIP WITH ANYONE OR ANYTHING. 

So aside from the amazing signs and wonders, the 10 plagues on Egypt were each actually a personal attack on the `false pagan beliefs' surrounding the pantheon of egyptian deities that were worshipped instead of Yahusha. And by the end of the torment and destruction, only a fool would have continued to believe in the stupidity of idolatry, worshipping the creation instead of THE ONE WHO CREATED ALL!

So the plagues came to a conclusion with the first Passover and all the firstborns of Egypt (infact anyone whose homes were not covered with the innocent blood of the lambs) were slaughtered that night (even livestock). Yahusha had stood up, flexed His cosmic muscles and showed all the nations just Who He is, delivering 3million people from Egyptian bondage and leading them out into the wilderness, across the Red Sea and into the Arabian Desert of Sinai across the Gulf of Aqaba. Yisharal were no longer in Egyptian governed territory anymore, they were free, a people of their own, a fresh identity, brand new lumps of clay, ready for the moulding hands of the Master Potter. 

In Moses` writings of Exodus we see what could have been the end of an almost 2000 year redemptive plan of Yahusha's, to restore His chosen people back into blood-covenant relationship within the marriage home. Everything was ready, the land, the mountain, the Creator, the promise . . . all that stood in the way was the people themselves! Yes, Egypt had grown them from a mere family into a massive nation, but with that time and growth came the habits, customs and lifestyle of Egypt . . . a lifestyle of depraved witchcraft and abominable unclean behaviour (but they didn't know it was evil, it was all normal to them). So Yahusha now had the task of testing and training His new people, to see if she would learn, grow, mature and choose to take on this bizare path of clean living according to His Instructions.

Yahusha supernaturally provided enough food and water for this whole nation, training their minds back into a seven-day routine through the quails and manna, showing them that the 7th Day is a Shabath (to stay in your place and rest). And right through this journey of being protected and assured by the great pillar of fire (by night) and column of cloud (by day) Yisharal bitched, winged and complained, insulting and threatening Moses and Aaron and accusing Yahusha of the most hideous things, declaring that they'd be better off back in slavery where they were comfortable and fed well!!?? What the?? They were slaves!!

Anyway time and time again Yahusha proved Himself and brought His new Bride to His set-apart mountain so that He could appear properly before them, speak to them and explain how this blood-covenant marriage with Him would have to work if they wanted to be blessed, protected (and not frackle up by coming too close with uncleanliness in them) . . . it was all for their benefit because He loved them so much and needed them to understand that the way they behave (their worship) on a daily basis can draw them close to Him or keep them away, because He is perfect and set-apart from filth and His Bride must be the same!

So the moment came for Yahusha to introduce Himself to the nation of Yisharal and they wouldn't have a bar of it. They ran for their lives, petrified of the thunder and lightnings on top of Mt Sinai. So Yahusha brought Moses up and gave him all the Eternal Instructions and Divine Laws for clean living (ie how to behave) . . . He even wrote the ten most important instructions on stone tablets. They're called the Ten Words (and they are commands).

Moses spent forty days enveloped in the thick, ecstastic esteem of Yahusha and when he finally came down the mountain his face was glowing from the light (power/radiation) of Yahusha's portal on top of the Mountain. But he arrived back to find that Yisharal had rejected Yahusha's instruction (not to make any idols or images and certainly don't associate them with Him), and were bowing down, worshipping, whoring and celebrating infront of an egyptian idol . . . of a golden calf.

Moses was so furious that he smashed the tablets, cancelled the blood-covenant with Yisharal, made all the instigators drink the jealousy cocktail of gold dust, and that day around 3000 people were slaughtered by the Levites for their abominable idolatry and whoring, right at the bottom of Yahusha's set-apart mountain. 

Not long after, Yahusha renewed the blood-covenant with Yisharal once more, and this time Moses had to carve them in the stone tablets himself. Then the marriage ceremony was underway, and a much more somber and sedated Yisharal (after the slaughtering) agreed to the Wedding Vows given by Yahusha at Sinai and thus they entered a marriage betrowthal, feasting with the elders on the mountain and steadfastly maintaining that they would obey everything Yahusha demanded to stay in relationship with Him.

But Yahusha didn't want to stay all the way up on the mountain, He wanted to be right down in amongst His people, but in order to do that He would need a special dwelling place, somewhere completely clean and void of anything common or worldly, where He could take back just a small portion of His Creation (time and space). So He gave Moses very specific blueprints (a reflection or shadow of His sanctuary in the higher dimension) and told him to build the wilderness Tabernacle, a place where He could rest His Name and His esteem, to bless, bring peace and warmth and happiness and joy to His new Bride Yisharal.  

So the main theme of Exodus is Yahusha's great power of deliverance from the slavery of Egypt and the wicked Pharaoh who tormented and tortured Yisharal day and night. Today in the 21st Century, the Bride needs to understand that Egypt is the world and the Pharaoh is Satan, who has everyone held down asleep, insane and in bondage through his relentlessly wicked demon forces. This is the sorry state of everyone in our daily lives who don't have Yahusha inside them (through repentance and immersion).






467 'ELIYPHELET - Alahim of deliverance.

2020 HATSTSALAH - Rescue, victory, help,

3468 YASHA` - Liberty, deliverance, prosperity, safety, aid,  

4190 MOWSHA`AH - Deliverance, health, welfare.


Psalms 34:17 - The obedient cry out and Yahuah hears, and delivers them out of all their troubles.

Psalms 107:6 - They cried to Yahuah in their trouble, and He delivers them out of their distresses.

Ps 50:15 - Call to Me in the day of trouble and I'll deliver you, then you esteem Me.

2 Samuel 22:2 - Yahuah is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer.

Psalms 34:4 - I sought Yahuah, and He heard me, and delivered me from my fears.

The word `salvation' comes from the Latin `salvare', "to save." Each of the monotheistic religions has a different idea about the way to achieve salvation.Probably because they don't use the word "DELIVERANCE."

“Sozo” is the Greek word for `salvation', yet it's root meaning goes beyond just the forgiveness of sins. According to Strong's Concordance, Sozo also carries the idea of being physically healed of diseases and to be delivered from your enemy.

HERE IS A GOOD REASON WHY WE SHOULD USE THE WORD "DELIVERANCE," INSTEAD OF SALVATION: In Greek mythology, Soteria (Ancient Greek: Σωτηρία) was the goddess or spirit (demon) of safety and salvation, deliverance, and preservation from harm (not to be mistaken for Eleos). Soteria was also an expression (or nickname) for the goddess Persephone, meaning deliverance and safety.

Religion has been deceived through a word designed by Satan, to put the word salvation in the place of "DELIVERANCE" so that we are giving the credit of our deliverance, to the goddess "SOTERIA" instead of Yahusha.


It is so important what Yahusha said, "That no man can come to the Father but by Me because I am the way, the truth and the life (the light)."