Joseph was taken to Egypt by Ishmaelite traders, and he was sold to Potifar, who was an officer of the Pharaoh himself (the King of Egypt) and also the captain of the palace guard. A few decades before this, the Egyptians (DESCENDANTS OF NOAH’S CURSED SON HAM) had been invaded and conquered by ‘Shemites’ (DESERT-DWELLING ASIAN DESCENDANTS OF NOAH’S SON SHEM), making the current Egyptian Dynasty ‘tribal cousins’ of Yisharal’s family (HEBREWS - ALSO DESCENDANTS OF SHEM). So the Pharaoh sitting on the throne of Egypt wasn’t even Egyptian (but Potifar was!)

And YAHUAH was with Joseph, allowing him to succeed in everything he did while serving in the house of his new master. And even Potifar noticed how everything seemed to flow smoothly and work successfully for Joseph in all his dealings within the house and this pleased him alot. And knowing he could trust in Joseph’s steadfast behaviour, he promoted Joseph to the chief-servant over all his household, so that he personally managed and oversaw every duty within all his properties. And as soon as this happened, YAHUAH began blessing Potifar too. His crops and livestock flourished, and all the household affairs ran uber-smoothly, so finally Potifar gave Joseph complete responsibility and rule over everything he owned because (with Joseph around), he didn’t have to worry about anything, not even the food he ate!

Now Joseph was ‘very easy on the eyes’, tall, dark, handsome and very well-built and Potifar’s wife began flirting with him and looking at him with eyes full of lust. One day she approached him seductively, battering her eyelids, “Joseph, come into my chamber,” she whispered in his ear.

But Joseph refused and continued on with his work. So she tried again the next day a little stronger, “I want you to come lay with me, I promise you’ll like it“, but he turned and said, “Look, how could I do such a wicked sinful thing? My master trusts me with everything in his entire household and no one has more authority here than me. He's held nothing back from me except you, because you are his wife. It would be a great evil in the eyes of my Alahim.”

But she kept pressuring him day in and day out, but he refused to have sex with her, and began avoiding her as much as possible. One day however, when no one was around, she came and grabbed him by his loin-cloth, demanding . . . “Come on honey, come and sleep with me, no one will ever know I promise!”

And Joseph tore himself away from her but he left his loin-cloth in her hand as he ran from the house. So after being completely rejected and seeing that she was still holding his loin-cloth, Potifar’s wife screamed out loudly causing all the servants of the house to come running.

“Look!” She cried. “My husband has brought this hebrew slave here to humiliate us all. Joseph came into my room to rape me, but when he heard me scream, he ran outside and got away, but I grabbed his loin-cloth.....look here.”

And she kept the loin-cloth with her until her husband Potifar returned home. Then she told him her sneaky lie, “That Hebrew slave you brought into our home attacked me today and tried to have his way with me. But when I screamed, he ran outside, leaving his loin-cloth here with me! It’s bad enough that these hideous people rule over us but why did you have to bring one into our home?”

And after Potifar heard his wife slandering Joseph’s character, he knew she was lying and he spared Joseph’s life. However because of his political position he needed to save face, so he seized Joseph and threw him into the prison where the king’s prisoners were held, and there Joseph stayed.

But YAHUAH was with Joseph in the prison and allowed him to feel His loving-kindness. He also gave him favor with the prison-warden and before long, the warden put Joseph in charge of all the other prisoners and gave him authority over everything that happened in the prison. And because of Joseph’s hard work and trustworthy behaviour, the warden had no more worries, because Joseph looked after everything. And despite being betrayed and sold into slavery, Joseph’s active belief in YAHUAH’S principles (that he’d been taught by his father) allowed him to be ‘cool, calm and collected’ and handle everything well in the prison, and YAHUAH caused everything he did to prosper and succeed.