Most prophesies in Scripture speak in terms and analogies that Ancient Yisharal would have understood in order to encourage them and bring them back into the right Blood-Covenant Behaviour. However there is a very specific picture that’s being painted in the minds of most 21st Century believers . . . of a Millennial Kingdom, which is fuelled by various Scripture texts.

WHAT IS A MILLENNIAL REIGN? The general idea is that a King will rise up from the root of Jesse (which is King David) to finally conquer this earth, heal it, shepherd it, and rule it with a rod of iron. The two stick of the broken, scattered 12 Tribes of Yisharal will finally be reunited under this Majestic Messiah and the nations (that survive the global scorching by fire) will be given a second chance, and will be trained and taught the Instructions and Feasts of Yahusha as they come up to His mountain and be ruled in peace for 1000 years (the Dragon having been chained).

Most texts refer to this event through the lense of Yisharal finally being delivered, having a mighty sovereign and no more enemies to oppress them (which was always their own fault anyway), and while Scripture does speak of all these things, it’s very earthly in it’s perspective. In other words people assume that the earth (as we know it) will still be in existence during the 1000 years of rest. But how can two dimensions exist in the same place, especially since one is perfect and the other is unclean?

Remember the set-apart perfection (radiation) of Yahusha that annihilates anything unclean? Darkness just cannot exist in His light. The most Set-Apart Place in the Tabernacle/Temple (on the Ark of the Blood-Covenant Witness), housed only a small portion of Yahusha’s power on this earth, and just look what happened to anyone unclean who came near it !!

Even though Yahusha’s Blood has legally redeem His Bride back from the enemy and she is seen as clean and acceptable in His sight (able to have direct access through the portal on her circumcised heart), we know that while-ever the Bride still lives in this frail, fallen earthly vessel, she can never come in contact with the divine realm, or be fully consummated with her Bridegroom, otherwise she’s be frackled up too. And that’s why a major metamorphosis is underway for her, which will climax in her final transformation from flesh in the twinkling of an eye, into an immortal, first-fruit body, just like her husband’s, ready for the Wedding Feast - and the two can then be equally yoked.

These prophesies are all being viewed through the lense of the Promised Land still being in Yisharal and Yahusha’s Reign and final Temple being rebuilt in a natural, earthy sense. But nothing could be further from the truth. Those with eyes to see and ears to hear know that there has only ever been one Blood-Covenant of Deliverance, not old ones and new ones (that replace the old ones). Yahusha is the Living Words made flesh and His Blood-Covenant was fulfilled by Him through His own perfect blood. Yes it’s always going to be about blood because that is the only thing able to redeem/atone/deliver someone from darkness to light, death to life. So Yahusha never abolished or changed any of His Instructions or replace them with more hip-hip modern ones either. Every Word that comes from Him is Living and True however the behavioural execution (and customs surrounding His Instructions) transforms through time, because He never changes (ie circumcison is now of the heart, the temple is our bodies, the daily sacrifices are our behaviour to Him etc etc etc .... it's still all alive and kicking because He is !!)

In Malachi we can see that Yahusha’s Bride are His special, hidden, treasured possession, the apple of His eye, who will escape all the wrath of His Judgement on this wicked earth. In Isaiah this treasured possession is expressed in the Gold of Ophir (a very rare, exquisite gold that Solomon pursued, almost impossible to find). For if indeed mankind becomes `scarcer and rarer than the precious Gold of Ophir’ then this is Yahusha’s way of saying that `there ain’t gunna be anyone left mate!!’

There will be no earth as we know it, for it will be destroyed when the fire comes, for this whole dimension (the earth and skies, the whole universe) will melt with intense heat when Yahusha’s Realm appears through the fine fabric of dimensions and proceeds to take its place right here. There will be no survivors, even those who think they can hide underground will be slain when Yahusha’s Reapers terrorise the planet shortly before the fire.

Do you get it? The whole universe will be melted and a whole new dimensions ie earth, skies (things we cannot even imagine) will be born here, yes the new earth will be as the Garden of Eden, (the loving Marriage Home) once again for Yahusha and His Bride. No one else !!! You see how knowing Yahusha’s plan of restoration (ie that Yahusha’s Bride’s now has the divine portal in her blood-sprinkled temple - her body) makes so much sense now, and how every older prophesy pertaining to nations gathering under Yahusha the King is all tied into this?