Now from the beginning of time, all the earth spoke in the ancient (paleo) hebrew language, and as mankind began to spread out they found an area in Shinar (babylon), and, led by a descendant of Ham (NOAH'S GREAT-GRANDSON) named Nimrod, who was a savage, mighty warrior, completely hell-bent on defying YAHUAH and His instruction, they all decided to stay put.

Nimrod was the first self-appointed king on the earth and his wife/mother Semiramis also taught the nations to worship the sun, moon and stars through various abominable practices involving tree worship and the mazzaroth/zodiac.

The nations declared “Let’s make bricks out of stone, use asphalt for mortar and build ourselves a mighty city with a tower that reaches way up into the sky, and we will make a name for ourselves and rule over ourselves (HUMANISM). Forget being scattered across the earth, we don’t want that, we’re staying right here”. 

And they began building a mighty tower to reach the clouds and ensure their own survival if there should ever be another flood.

However YAHUAH saw this and said, “This is what they do with one mind and one language? Disobey Me and curse in My face? Who knows what they will achieve with such unity of purpose. It’s time to scatter their languages and spread them across the earth as I intended”.

And YAHUAH made all their languages confused, and the nations began to spread once more, gathering to anyone whose language they understood and moving away (taking their lawlessness with them). YAHUAH called the place ‘Babel’ because it was there that He confused the languages and began scattering the nations across the earth. 


The translation has altered somewhat since this (1st EDITION) recording, but still easy-to-grasp :-)