The Feast of Tabernacles is introduced on the first day of the seventh month by the day of blowing of trumpets. It was a festival of trumpets sounding throughout the land and calling the nation to prepare for the coming Day of Atonement, the Day of National Cleansing. In Hebrew it is called Yom Teruah (DAY OF THE SHOUT) and specially prepared offerings were presented to Yahuah on this Day also (just like every Feast Day) besides the regular daily offerings.

PSALM 89:15 "How blessed are the people who know the joyful sound!"


See Lev 23:23-25 / Num 29:1-6. Because this Feast Day is called “The Day of Trumpets" the significance of trumpets in Israel should be understood first.

The Feast Day of TRUMPETS

LEVITICUS 23:24-25 “Speak to the children of Israel saying, ‘In the seventh month, on the first day of the month, you have a rest day, a remembrance of blowing of trumpets, a set-apart assembly. You do no servile work, and you shall bring an offering made by fire to Yahuah.’ ”

NUMBERS 10:1-10 “And in the day of your gladness, and in your appointed times, and at the beginning of your months, you shall blow the trumpets over your Burnt (ascending-near) Offerings and over your Intimate-Peace Offerings. And they shall be a remembrance for you before your Alahim Yahuah".

NUMBERS 29:1-6 “There will be a special meeting on the first day of the seventh month. You will not do any work on that day. That is the day for blowing the trumpets. 2You will offer Burnt (ascending-near) Offerings. Their smell will please YAHUAH".

NUMBERS 10:1-10 "YAHUAH said to Moses,2“Make two trumpets. Use silver and hammer it to make the trumpets. These trumpets will be for calling the people together and for telling them when it is time to move the camp.

3If you blow LONG BLASTS (TAKIA - LONG BLAST) on both trumpets, all the people must meet together at the entrance of the Tabernacle. 4But if you blow LONG BLASTS on only one trumpet, only the leaders will come to meet with you. (These are the leaders of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.)

5“Blowing a SHOUT (TERUAH - SHORT STACCATO BLASTS LIKE A `MACHINE-GUN) on the trumpets will be the way to tell the people to move the camp. The first time you blow a SHOUT on the trumpets, the Tribes camping on the east side of the Tabernacle must begin to move.6The second time you blow a SHOUT on the trumpets, the Tribes camping on the south side of the Tabernacle must begin to move.7But if you want to gather the people Assembly for a special meeting, blow the trumpets in a different way—blow a LONG STEADY BLASTS on the trumpets (NO SHOUT). 8Remember that only Aaron’s sons (the Priests) should blow the trumpets. This is a law for you that will continue forever, for generations to come. 

9“If you are fighting an enemy in your own land, blow loudly on the trumpets before you go to fight them. YAHUAH your Alahim will hear you, and He will deliver you from any enemies who distress you. 10Also blow these trumpets for your Appointed Times, New Moon Celebrations, and all your Happy Times of gladness together. Blow the trumpets when you give your Burnt (ascending-near) Offerings and Intimate-Peace Offerings. This will be a special way for Me to remember the Blood-Covenant I've established with you. I command you to do this, for I am YAHUAH your Alahim.”


Most hebrew households had one or several rams horns, which came from some sacrifice, from the bullock or the ram. The ram's horns were especially used to blast out the note of shouting at the fall of the walls of Jericho. It was also the trumpet of Jubilee and celebration! Aside from being an instrument, it was mainly used as the communication device for the common-man.


Aside from everyday shofars made from animal horns, there were trumpets made out of silver. Silver was always the symbol of the price of REDEMPTION OF A HUMAN BEING (from when Israel first came out of Egypt and were required to redeem back all their firstborns (considered Priests of each home - before the Levites were estabilshed) - they were under the ban and belonged to Yahuah, but couldn't be destroyed as other set-apart spoils of war, since they were human beings). Firstborns in Egypt paid the ultimate price for Yahuah's firstborns to be delivered. So each family was required to offer a SILVER COIN, which was used as ransom (or atonement money - interesting when you consider what Yahusha was betrayed and sold-off for eh!).

It's highly likely that the two trumpets made from one piece of silver came from the atonement money after the numbering of the firstborns. After the Levites were separated as a Priesthood, two trumpets were made for the various official callings in Israel. As noted already, the number 'two' (2) is the number of testimony, the number of witness, so "in the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.” Here we have the SILVERY REDEMPTIVE WITNESS sounding forth in Israel by these two silver trumpets.

Likewise after Yahusha's death and resurrection, the Jew and Gentile, two yet one in Messiah are REDEEMED, not with corruptible things such as silver or gold but with the powerful precious blood of Yahusha. Both speak (and shout - blasting forth) with a united witness and testimony - to urgenty GET THE ATTENTION of the community of Yahusha's Bridal Fellowship !

The trumpet in Scripture is used to symbolise the PROPHETIC VOICE, the spoken Word of Yahuah coming to His people. The prophets were told to lift up their "voice like a trumpet”. The prophet Ezekiel was distinctly told to be a Watchman to Israel and BLOW THE TRUMPET VOICE OF WARNING to them, to call them to Yahuah. The voice of the Master Yahusha is also symbolised by the sound of the TRUMPET. For Israel, Aaron and his sons were responsible (as Priests) to sound the trumpet on the special occasions. So now, for the New Bridal Assembly (the Body of Yahusha) the two silver trumpets can be likened to the SUPERNATURAL GIFTS, signs and wonders within the Body of Priests. 

It's Yahusha (first) SOUNDING THE TRUMPET OF HIS WORD to wake up His Bride from her slumber of luke-warmness and non-urgency, to start transforming the wise half of His Bride so that through them, He can then SOUND THE TRUMPET to the nations, through a new and living, active behaviour. It was vital that the trumpeters make a CLEAR AND DISTINCT SOUND so that Israel GOT THE MESSAGE, and likewise it is vital for the leaders, teachers and harvest workers today to SPEAK SIMPLY, EASILY and COMMUNICATE EFFICIENTLY so that the people may hear and understand the message. Yahusha's Bride needs to take heed "how" and "what" they hear and listen to ... is she BEING WOKEN UP BY TRUTH or kept asleep by lies ?

In Revelation, Yahusha (with trumpet voice) called to "hear what the Spirit says to the Assemblies." We note briefly several other significant uses of trumpets in Israel as well as in the New Blood-Covenant revelation.

A. Trumpets were used in the anointing of Kings,

B. Trumpets were used at the Dedication of Solomon's Temple,

C. Trumpets were used in the great year of Jubilee, which was every fiftieth year in Israel. It was a year of release, restoration, reunion and freeing of debts,

D. Trumpets are associated with the final judgments of Yahusha and also at His second coming to claim His Bride for marriage consummation.

As seen previously, trumpets were blown at the beginning of the months, announcing each new month. The Feast of Tabernacles took place in the seventh month. This month was ushered in by the trumpets also, but with so much special emphasis, that this day was called "The Day of the Blowing of Trumpets." It was a different call and URGENT MESSAGE that sounded forth on this Feast day.

The Feast Day of Trumpets was distinctly the CALL to the great Day of Atonement, the Day of National Cleansing. Daniel the prophet speaks of it as "the cleansing of the Sanctuary" (Daniel 8:13-14).

Right throughout the nation (regardless of which Tribe a person belonged to) the call went out to all Israelites to come to the Tabernacle of Yahuah for this Solemn DAY OF ATONEMENT. This is what the Feast Day of Trumpets meant historically in and to the nation of Israel - GET READY FOR JUDGMENT !!

THE SEVENTH MONTH — Leviticus 23:24

PASSOVER took place in the first month. Number one is the number of beginning, of commencement. Israel began their experience with Yahuah in the first month (Matthew 6:33; Genesis 1:1; John 1:1-2). In this Feast the believer comes to Yahusha through the NEW DIVINE BLOOD of His ultimate sacrifice and puts first the Kingdom of Yahusha and His righteousness.

PENTECOST took place in the third month. Number three is the number of complete testimony, the number of Divine witness, which Yahuah's Eternal Marriage Covenant and Word are a shining example of. In this Feast the believer knows the blessedness of the NEW DIVINE HEART OPERATION and the indwelling incorruptible seed and infilling Set-Apart Spirit which empowers a believer to not only obey Yahusha's Words, but to love them, since they are written on our hearts ... and we feed on them day and night as our supernatural food and drink. 

TABERNACLES took place in the seventh month. Number seven is the number of perfection and fulness. In this Feast the believer is brought to the indwelling FULNESS OF PERFECTION (MATURITY) through training and trials. Number seven is distinctly the number of the Book of Revelation, for it's used over 600 times in the Scripture and mostly in that book.

Because the Season of Tabernacles takes place in the seventh month several important incidents in Scripture will suffice to show its symbolic significance.

1. SEVEN Priests with the Ark of the Blood-Covenant Witness in their midst, marched with seven trumpets around the wall of Jericho for 6 days. On the seventh day they marched around seven times. At the close of the march the trumpets were blown, the people shouted and Yahuah caused the walls of Jericho to collapse. The victory was complete (Joshua 5-6).

2. SEVEN priests blowing trumpets were also involved in the bringing up of the Ark of the Blood Covenant Witness into David's Praise Tent (I Chronicles 15:24-28).

3. SEVEN messengers blow seven trumpets in the Book of Revelation, while at  the blast  of the  seventh trump,

the Ark of the Blood Covenant Witness is seen in the heavenly Sanctuary (Revelation 8-9-10-11). All has to do with the coming of the Master Yahusha Messiah.

So the Feast of Trumpets (Day of the Shout) began in the first day of the seventh month, introducing and URGENTLY CALLING Israel to the soon coming Day of Atonement, followed by the Feast of Tabernacles. In applying this Feast Day to the New Covenant Bridal Assembly (ie what do we do today?) ... we may consider the following remarks:

The Assembly historically experienced Passover and Pentecost and also distinctive URGENT TRUMPET CALLS as also illustrated in Israel's history.

Various people of Yahusha with revivals and awakenings may be viewed as "TRUMPET CALLS" and messages to the Bridal Fellowship. Each Feast was introduced by a trumpet call. In tracing the early Assembly history we can see how the Assemblies died out and entered into what has been called "The Dark Ages", when light and truth seemed almost completely extinguished. 

But now, it has only been the last 30 odd years that both Jew and Gentile have been called into true New Blood-Covenant Scriptural truth THROUGH THE RESTORATION OF YAHUAH & YAHUSHA'S TRUE NAME and the power therein. Also proper understanding of the weekly Sabbath and Scriptural Appointed times became a real URGENT TRUMPET CALL with each truth being proclaimed ... but then people stopped moving on, instead setting up their groups, banners, messianic/natsarim labels and a new YAHUSHA RELIGION evolved ... with more truth than any religions before it (ie christendom/judaism) but still relying on re-hashing old principles and shadow-teachings, instead of following the Master Builder and Shepherd of our hearts, onto fresher, SUPERNATURAL EXPERIENCES and new greener pastures ... to maturity!

So today the truth of the New Blood-Covenant Bridal Fellowship coming to behavioural maturity and perfection is TRUMPETING AND SHOUTING FORTH in staccato (TERUAH)-like fashion - WARNING THE BRIDE TO GET WISE AND START HAVING SUPERNATURAL `BOOK OF ACTS' EXPERIENCES. This is the great preparation for harvest ingathering - the coming of Yahusha again to His Bridal Assembly in all esteem. There is also a further URGENT CALL TO BE PURE, a call to cleansing, to being perfected, clean and separated unto Yahusha. In other words, an URGENT call to the Day of Atonement.

In concluding the Feast of Trumpets we see that this Feast finds its present fulfilment in the SUPERNATURAL GIFTS & MINISTRIES CALLING THE BRIDE TO WAKE UP AND ASSEMBLE ONCE AGAIN, and then its ultimate fulfilment is in the JUDGMENTS poured out in the book of Revelation. All consummate at the last and seventh Trumpet at the second coming of Yahusha for His Bride and the establishment of His Eternal Kingdom.

Yahusha's Bridal people need to understand that the Fellowship of believers must experience the Feast of Trumpets before experiencing "the last trumpet," for ...


"He that has an ear to hear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the Assembly!" (Rev 2:29; Mark 4:23.24; Luke 8:18: Isaiah 18:3).


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